Sell Your Firearm

We offer multiple ways you can sell your firearm!

Selling with Double M Defense has many benefits:

  • Know that the buyer of your gun is legally able to own a firearm
  • Sell your firearm quicker, and for more.
  • Buyers typically prefer purchasing from licensed dealers
  • Convenient - we offer payment by cash or electronically (ZELLE)

Option 1 - Sell to Double M Defense

This is the quickest option. We typically offer 60-70% of the used value of your firearm in cash. This pays for all of our various costs to sell behind the scenes, such as auction fees, card fees, shipping, photographs, and our time marketing. For more information, please visit our Contact page and reach out with your firearm's make/model and description of the condition.

For local sales, either text/email us with photos or come in-store. For out of state sales, we provide a 25% prepaid FDX shipping label to ship the firearm to us. A photo copy of your driver's license is required with the firearm.

Option 2 - Consignment with Double M Defense

This option is a bit riskier and takes longer for payout, but typically will net a bit more money to you. Our consignment fee is 15% of the final selling value after any other related costs to sell (card fees, auction fees, etc). We will market your firearm for you.

For consignment shipping purposes, insurance is required and is calculated at a rate of $1.50 per every $100 value of the firearm.

Once your firearm sells, we will pay you by cash, Zelle or check - your preference! The 85% payout is provided to you only after the item has been inspected, accepted, and transferred to the buyer. This is to ensure a smooth transaction with no money-related hiccups.

If the firearm is listed and does not sell after two auctions (this is roughly the span of one month), we recommend the price to be lowered, or you can come have the firearm transferred back to you. This will issue a transfer fee of $20 (DL) or $10 (LTC).

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