A3 Tactical Brace and Tailhook Mod 1 Brace Package

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The new Modular Arm Brace system from A3 Tactical. This cross-platform system is designed from the ground up to fit varying applications and provide modularity in style, form, and function.  The single pivot design utilizes a positive spring-lock for both the open and closed position, allowing the user to simply and quickly release the stock from either position.

The brace is designed to clear the ejection port on the GP Stribog should the user choose to fold to the right. The compact nature of the hinge only adds .75” to the overall length of the firearm when folded.

The Patented Tailhook MOD 1 is the most compact pistol brace in the world. At less than an inch thick, it can be adapted to practically every platform on the market. To activate the brace functionality, depress the release button and pull the arm down. This creates the shelf that will counterbalance the muzzle weight of your large frame handgun. The ability of your forearm to hold the weight allows you to relax your shooting wrist and concentrate on trigger control. True one handed operation is achieved since you do not need a second hand to attach the brace to your arm.



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