CGS Suppressors QubeTM Compensator Standard FDE 1/2×28

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Item Description:

The Official Qube compensator is the first pistol compensator that doesn't require set screws. The compensator mount threads onto the barrel first and gets torqued down with a wrench. The Official Qube compensator body slides over the top of the compensator mount and shoulders against a taper. The lock nut threads onto the compensator mount and pinches the Official Qube compensator body against a second taper and locks it down which prevents rotation.

Item Specifications:

Brand CGS Suppressors
Category Brakes & Compensators
Model Qube Compensator
Series Standard (1/2x28)
Color Black/FDE
Material 17-4 Stainless Steel
Length 1.25"
Diameter 1"
Weight 2.40 oz


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