Surefire SOCOM300-SPS 300 Blackout 8″ 1.5″ Aluminum/Stainless Steel Black

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Item Description:

Made in the USA, the SureFire SOCOM300-SPS is the answer for .300 BLK/Whisper subsonic and supersonic ammo users seeking superior levels of sound attenuation from a precision-built suppressor. It incorporates the same advanced design features that scored SureFire a convincing victory in the rigorous US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) suppressor trials. Its highly specialized V-shaped baffle design promotes extreme sound containment while virtually eliminating first-round flash and dust signatures. The SOCOM300-SPS is constructed of Inconel alloy and stainless steel, and it is CNC laser-welded for durability that is rivaled only by its sound-suppressing capability. SureFire's patented Fast-Attach mounting system guarantees fast and easy installation and removal, and minimal point-of-impact shift compared to an unsuppressed rifle, regardless of the number of attach-detach cycles.

Item Specifications:

Brand SureFire
Category Suppressors
Caliber 300 Blackout
Model SOCOM300-SPS
Material Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Diameter 1.50"
OAL 8"
Weight 20.30 oz


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