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Holidays at Double M Defense: Policies and Promotions


  • Customers are only eligible for 1x promotion on a singular order. For example, if purchasing 1x handgun that is under both promotions of "Free Gift Card" and "Free Shipping", you will not receive the free gift card & free shipping together. If wanting to receive the free gift card instead of the automated free shipping - call into the store at (469) 609-7251 and place your order manually

Free $ Gift Cards:

  • Certain products are eligible for a free $20, $50, or $100 gift card in the form of a Double M Defense gift card
  • To claim your free gift card, customers MUST send an email to [email protected] AFTER 01/09/24 and BEFORE 03/21/24, attaching a copy of their receipt and requesting the amount of their gift card
  • Customers must submit FULLY PAID OFF receipts to qualify
  • A response via email will be provided within 72 business hours, including the attached gift card, which can be used for in-store purchases or over-the-phone orders

Free Shipping:

  • All orders over the minimum amount required are automated for free shipping.¬†
  • If the product you are buying is also eligible for a free gift card, you can call in and we will run your order manually if you choose to have the gift card promotion instead. We cannot "stack" promotions.
  • The only eligible categories for free shipping are accessories, handguns, and rifles/long guns. Any and all purchases for ammo will have shipping fees.

Free Transfers/Gunsmithing Services:

  • Policy for free transfers and gunsmithing services are the same as the "Free Gift Card" promotion
  • Select gunsmithing and transfer services are on specific individual firearms

Layaway Option:

  • Any products on the "Free Gift Card" promotion have a layaway deadline of March 21, 2024

Limited Supplies:

  • All sales are subject to limited supplies, and they will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis

Please email [email protected] or call (469) 609-7251 for any questions or concerns.

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