ARMUSA PLA-32 Target Load 25rd


32 GRAM #8 w/ 1275fps 2 3/4 12 gauage

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SKU: 8436534393646

Item Description:

Founded in the 1960s by Miguel Marina Aróstegui, ARMUSA is the perfect choice for competition-grade ammunition. We import these European shot shells from the hear of the Basque Country in Spain so that you can enjoy top-quality competitive ammo at low cost. These cartridges are perfect for general clay shooting and target practice

Item Specifications:

  • Gauge: 12
  • Length: 2 ¾ Inch
  • Load/Weight: 32 Grams (1 1/8 Oz.)
  • Velocity: 1275 Feet Per Second @ 3 Ft. from Muzzle
  • Shot Size: #7.5 (2.4 MM) or #8 (2.3 MM)
  • Shot Type: Triple Sorted, Extra Magnum Grade -> 6% ANTIMONY
  • Hull: 16 MM Mid Brass Presentation Hull


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