F5 MFG ACR Brace with MBS Cyberarm and Stribog Adapter Combo

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Please note that the brace arm and Cyberarm brace do not come attached to the Stribog. Attachment is a quick 5-minute install with a rubber mallet and punch (for the Stribog takedown) recommended. In addition, due to the left-fold of the brace, the stock case cannot fit the Stribog+ACR Brace while closed, unless the foam is reversed.

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Comes with Gear Head Works Tailhook Mod1C.

Brace yourself for new additions to the F5 MFG Modular Stock System. The F5 MFG lower brace adapter is specifically designed to give you the stability and strength you expect from a brace while complying with all standing ATF designations. Featuring a simple and sleek design with oversized activation paddles, This brace adapter gives you the style and simplicity you crave.


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